Richmond NICU Parents Connect is now virtual

We have  partnered with Postpartum Support Virginia to better meet the needs of families statewide during this time. Please visit Richmond NICU Parents Connect for the latest updates and to register for our monthly online

We know that parenting a baby in the NICU is hard because we’ve been there.

NICU parents are at higher risk for perinatal mood disorders (PMADS) like postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and PTSD, and often don’t receive the mental health support they need. Many parents don’t realize the full impact of their experience or seek help until long after their babies have been discharged from the NICU, sometimes years later.

Richmond NICU Parents Connect (RNPConnect) can help!

On the last Tuesday of every month RNPConnect hosts a FREE peer-led, clinician supported NICU Family Support Circle. A boldhearted space for NICU parents at every stage to find community, encouragement and hope in their parenting journey. Come as you are!

Whether you are parenting a baby in the NICU right now, or your NICU “baby” is a toddler—or older—this group is for YOU!